3013-03-22 Fitness Log: Functional Movement Screen, Running


Today, I had a Functional Movement Screen done by an FMS certified trainer.  Hop on over to the Functional Movement Systems web site to read all about the concept.  This article on their site is a great, short overview of the screening.

I found out about FMS through Dan John’s book Intervention: Course Corrections for the Athlete and Trainer.  I’ve mentioned this here before and really need to write up a review.  In any case, Dan John breaks down movement patterns into the five categories of squat, hinge, push, pull, and carry.  He discusses the FMS screen as the first step to these movements.  If you can’t pass the FMS screen, you need to fix this first before moving on to movements with weight.  Although I’ve been doing the weighted movements for a while now, it seemed like a good idea to have the screening done once I learned that such a thing existed.

The results showed issues with shoulder mobility (not too surprising) and hamstring mobility (really??).  Other than those, results were about average (“2” in FMS scoring) with no serious imbalances found.  I am actually pretty happy to find issues with the shoulders and hamstrings.  The shoulders aren’t  too surprising — after all I’ve been doing daily shoulder dislocates trying to get into better positioning for holding snatches overhead.  The hamstrings were surprising.  The great thing about this is that fixing issues with the shoulders will ultimately lead to better results with anything involving putting weight overhead and fixing the hamstrings will ultimately lead to better results with just about everything imaginable.  Looking forward to bringing these up to a “2” and seeing what happens!


In basement:

  • 400m run @ 7 mph on treadmill (incline 1)
  • Misc KB carries around basement w/ two 1 pood (16 kg/35 lb) KBs.  At sides, racked, and overhead.
  • Turkish Getups: 1 right, 1 left
  • 400m run @ 6 mph
  • Turkish Getups: 2 right, 2 right (alternated)
  • Misc KB carries
  • 400m run @ 8 mph
  • Planks: high/1:00, rest/:30, low/1:00, rest/:30, right/:30, left/:30
  • 400m run @ 6.0/6.4/6.8/7.2 mph (or something like that)

1 pood was way too light for effective carries.

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