2013-03-23 Fitness Log: Olympic Lifting


Hang Snatch, 75 lbs, 1:00 rest between sets


The plan is to work with a low weight until I get the form right. I went with 2 reps on the first five sets in order to experiment with immediate technique correction of any flaws with the first rep. I dropped to 1 rep just to avoid fatigue getting in the way of technique.

Still having trouble catching in the bottom. These were all essentially hang power snatches with an immediate drop to the bottom. The transition is definitely way better than I’ve ever done. It may be time to move up to real weight to force me to catch at the bottom.

Clean & Jerk

180 lbs, 1:30 rest between sets

  • Clean: 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1
  • Jerk: 1,-,x,-,x,-,-,-,-,-

The plan was to jerk every other set but I only jerked successfully on the first attempt and decided after the next two failed attempts that it just wasn’t happening today. It was a very active week leading up to this so no big surprise. It was nice to hit all the reps on the clean.


Been eating very clean lately and the body is telling me it’s time to pig out…


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