2013-03-29 Fitness Log: Mobility, Running


As I talked about last week, I had a session with a Functional Movement Systems certified trainer to assess mobility.  Today was our first followup session to address some of the uncovered issues.  We started with some hip opening work and some general assessment of my hamstring mobility.

We eventually moved on to my kettlebell swings for which there were a lot of corrections needed.  I learned, unexpectedly, that I was shrugging at the top of the swing to pull the bell up higher.  I was introduced to towel swings as a great drill for getting a feel for when I’m doing this pull.  This involves using a towel wrapped around the KB handle as the grip for swinging.  With a good swing, the towel is fine but with an upperbody pull, the towel slips making it really obvious when this is happening.  I suspect that the CrossFit style swing, which requires getting the bell overhead, is to blame for my bad swing technique.

After the swings, we finished up with some Turkish Get-Up review.


It was nice out so I took a short run around the neighborhood.

  • Time: 13:21
  • 2.13 km (1.42 miles)
  • 10:05 min/mile average pace
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