2013-03-31 Fitness Log: Rest weekend

Earlier this week, I woke up with some nagging aches and pains in the traps.  I’m not sure what exactly caused this – bad sleep position, the snatch balances, the behind the neck presses, the accidental 220 lb clean attempt, the kettlebell training or something else.  I would guess a combo of things adding up.  In any case, it got to the point where turning my head hurt.  I felt like I was wearing one of those neck braces restricting my head rotation and requiring me to rotate my full upper body when I wanted to look in a different direction.  It was the worst on Friday and I decided Saturday morning to skip my usual Saturday Olympic weightlifting training.  By Saturday night, the traps were feeling way better and by Sunday morning I was wondering why I took Saturday off.  Now that it is Sunday night, I can say it was a great decision taking Saturday off.  I feel like I can now approach this week feeling solid and energized and since this is the Wendler 1+ week (i.e. heavy week), that is a very good thing.  

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