2013-04-02 Fitness Log: Random


Did some sets throughout the day:

  • 3, 4, 2 (20 lb weight vest), 1 (20 lb), 2 (20 lb), 5

These went surprisingly well. Normally I get strange arm pain that cut the pullups short but these all felt good. Maybe all the shoulder mobility work that I’ve been doing for snatches is starting to pay off in other areas as well.

Random Circuit in the Basement

  • Cable Rows: 7 plates: 5, 5, 5
  • Lat pull downs: 8 plates: 10, 10, 10
  • Run 1/2 mile: 6 mph/5:00, 7 mph/4:17
  • Pushups: 20, 20, 20
  • Turkish Get Ups: 1 pood: 1 right, 1 left
  • KB swings: 1 pood: 20 swings (technique work)

This was just some random work. A lot of it was a make-up for the missed accessory work from yesterday.


Bacon, eggs, and some leftover braised red cabbage for lunch.


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