2013-04-04 Fitness Log: Press, Clean, Deadlift (PR!)

Wendler 5/3/1 Cycle 4 Week 3

  • Press: 150 x 1+: 1
  • Clean (as warmup for DL): 135, 165, 180, 195, 215xxx
  • Deadlift: 340 x 1+: 1, then 360 x 1, 380 x 1 (PR!), 400 x 1 {PR!)

As expected, the press wasn’t great.  I was happy to get 1 at 150.  It will be interesting to see how the next cycle goes with press and bench.

I intended to skip my usual cleans as part of the deadlift warm-up so that I’d be fresher for the 5/3/1 heavy deadlifts but it turns out that I’m kinda addicted to them.  I didn’t get the 215 but the nice thing is that the misses at 215 felt just like the misses at 200 did a few weeks ago.

The Deadlift is obviously the big story for the day.  400 lbs was one of my long time goals.  This was a very very ugly lift but I’m counting it since (a) the bar started on the floor and (b) I locked the bar out at the top.  Interestingly, the bar came off the floor with ease and the real battle started at the knees.  Usually, getting it off the floor is my problem so this was different.  The rep at 380 was better and also a PR (for a few minutes).

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