Fitness Log 2013-04-12: Mobility, kettlebells, etc.


Back at it today after a few days off due to a trip to Vegas for work!

I tracked my diet during the trip and the result was a huge wake-up call.  Eating while travelling is obviously suboptimal but it was shocking how bad it actually was.  In short, airports, conventions, etc. are filled with high carb, low protein, processed junk.  I purchased “yogurt” with berries at one point given that this is something I’d eat at home and looking at the nutritional info, it was almost zero fat plus 44 g of sugar (mostly high fructose corn syrup) pus various garbage ingredients.

One amazing thing about the trip was the amount of walking.  With my FitBit on, I tracked all my steps and each day hit between 12,000 and 20,000 steps.  If only I could hit that at home every day.

Mobility/Kettlebell Training

Had another mobility/kettlebell session with the personal trainer that included:

  • Active leg raises
  • Swing work (getting better!)
  • Bretzel
  • Scapular stability drill (sort of like windshield wipers)
  • Arm bars

After that, we did a nifty little workout:

The Furnace

Rounds of 40 seconds of as many reps as possible/20 seconds of rest:

  • Reverse lunge right (12 kg KB)
  • Reverse lunge left (12 kg KB)
  • Swings (24 kg KB)
  • Windmill right (12 kg KB)
  • Windmill left (12 kg KB)
  • Swings (24 kg KB)
  • 1/2 Turkish Get-Up right (12 kg KB)
  • 1/2 TGU left (12 kg KB)
  • Swings (24 kg KB)
  • Full TGU right (12 kg KB)
  • Full TGU left (12 kg KB)
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