2013-05-04 Fitness Log: Snatch, Front Squat (PR!)


EMOM of 1 high hang, 1 “superman”, 1 from floor.  Used training bar in order to have proper distance from floor with light weight.

  • 3 reps at 35 lbs
  • 7 reps at 45 lbs

I meant to do this with 45 but for some reason thought the 5 kg training bar was 10 kg when first setting up.

The reps all felt pretty good but I need (a) hips through/better arched angel and (b) faster under the bar.  I got some nice “clap/clap”  sounds from the bar contact and foot work but I think there probably should be a little more time between the claps.  I need more “clap…clap” instead of “clap/clap”.

Front Squat

  • 45 lb x 5
  • 95 x 3
  • 135 x 3
  • 165 x 2
  • 185 x 2
  • 205 x 1
  • 215 x 1
  • 225 x 1
  • 235 x 1 PR!
  • 245 x 0

I skipped clean and jerk in order to have more energy for the front squat.  I keep skipping front squats due to being wiped out by the cleans so I figured I’d do it the other way around this time.

225 was my old 1RM and it went up with ease.  Hit a new PR with 235 and it also went up with ease.  While resting up for the 245 rep, I was already planning 255 and expecting to get it.  Unfortunately, I hit some resistance on the way up with 245 and gave up too soon.  I think it was paranoia about being able to safely drop the bar that caused me to give in.  I’m not sure if I would have gotten the rep up but I need to fight that a little more.  Also, I probably should have set the bar back up and tried again.  Oh well.  A PR is a PR.

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