2013-05-16 Fitness Log: Clean (PR!), Deadlift, Press

Wendler 5/3/1 Cycle 6 Week 1


  • 135 lbs: hang clean, clean
  • 150 lbs: deadlift x 5, hang clean, clean
  • 165 lbs: hang clean, clean
  • 185 lbs: deadlift x 5, hang clean, clean
  • 200 lbs: hang clean (PR!), clean
  • 210 lbs: hang clean xx, clean x, clean (PR!)
  • 225 lbs: deadlift x 3, clean x


  • Deadlift: 315 x 5+: 7
  • Press: 122.5 x 5+: 7
  • Press 75lbs: 10, 10, 10, 10, 10

Things are finally really clicking after the Jon North seminar a few weeks ago.  I could never figure out how the heck people managed to clean such hefty weights from the high hang position with no opportunity to build momentum from the floor.  I’d say it’s great progress to hit 200 lbs today from the high hang position with 205 lbs as my previous full clean PR.  I don’t even know what my previous high hang PR was but this clearly blows it away.  The shocking part was how easy the 200 lbs went up and even more so how nicer the form was on the high hang at 200 versus the full clean.  However, my full clean was not to be outdone and I followed up with a PR at 210 lbs.  Not bad.

I think the path for future progress is clear:

  1. More work from high hang now that I “get it”.
  2. Clean up transition from floor to high hang/superman/launch position.
  3. Build front squat strength to keep the clean moving up.
  4. Work on the jerk to catch it up to the clean.

The regular Wendler lifts went okay.  For this cycle, I looked back at my training history and put down reasonable rep estimates for the plus sets.  Well, it turns out that I accidentally left some incorrect calculated estimates for the deadlift and press.  It was an interesting effect.  I had “10” down for the deadlift at 315 and went in and put in an earnest effort to get 10 until giving up at 7.  Last cycle, I only got 5 reps at 310.  Also got 7 reps for the press but this is a step down from past performance.

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