2013-05-17 Fitness Log: Kettlebells

FMS/Kettlebell Trainer

Had what was supposed to be the last session with the FMS/kettlebell trainer but I’ve decided to extend a few sessions because it has been so productive.

This session we retested the flaws identified in the original FMS assessment.  The good news on this is that the hamstring mobility (ASLR: Active Straight Leg Raise in FMS terminology) is greatly improved.  I worked a lot on this so that is good.  Rotational stability improved a little but shoulder mobility didn’t improve.  I really didn’t focus much on shoulder mobility so not surprising.

We finished out with a strength-focused KB workout followed by a KB-based finisher.

Frequency Method

DB curls @ ~30 lbs: 10, 10, 10, 10, 10

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