2013-05-22 Fitness Log: Rushfit

Rushfit Full Body Strength & Conditioning DVD

A few months ago, I got a good deal on Rushfit Georges St-Pierre 8 Week Ultimate Home Training Program.  I like to throw variety into my workouts and figured a DVD set would be fun from time to time.

Yesterday was the first day I tried a DVD from the set.  One session isn’t enough to really make a good judgement but my first impression was on the positive side.

It starts with about a 10 minute warm-up, followed by about a 30 minute workout, followed by a 5 minute stretching cool down.  I liked the warm-up and cool down sessions, enough that I’m considering using aspects of these for all of my workouts.  The actual workout consisted of a variety of typical body weight and dumbbell movements — pushups, air squats, thrusters, renegade rows, etc. — in a typical circuit style.  There was nothing particularly innovative about this but fitness programs don’t have to be innovative to be effective.

I’m looking forward to trying the other DVDs out and will post a much more thorough review once I’ve had more time with them.

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