2013-05-23 Fitness Log: Clean, Deadlift, Rowing (PR!)

Wendler 5/3/1 Cycle 6 Week 2


  • 135 lbs: clean x 1, hang clean x 1
  • 150 lbs: deadlift x 5, hang clean x 1, clean x 1
  • 185 lbs: deadlift x 5, hang clean x 1, clean x 1
  • 200 lbs: hang clean xxx, clean x 1
  • 205 lbs: clean x 1
  • 210 lbs: clean x 0, 215 lbs: clean x 0, 220 lbs: clean xxx

Main lift:

  • Deadlift: 335 x 3+: 4

Nothing too exciting to talk about here.  I failed to duplicate my 200 lb hang clean and 210 lb clean from last week.  No biggie.  The 205 felt easy.  I kept adding weight on the last couple of missed attempts because they felt more like psychological failures than physical failures.

The deadlift performance was solid but nothing special.  I spent so much time on the cleans that I decided to punt my usual Thursday overhead presses to tomorrow.


Row 2k: 7:59.4 PR!

This is a very long standing PR broken as well as a very long standing goal of 2k under 8:00.  Not bad considering that it has been forever since I did any significant rowing.


Just casually in front of the TV at night…

  • 5 Turkish get-ups (each side) with 18 kg KB.  Pressed in various positions on last rep.  Did misc. mobility work between sets.  
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