2013-05-30 Fitness Log: Clean (PR!), Deadlift, Press

Wendler 5/3/1 Cycle 6 Week 3


  • Misc. clean/snatch drills w/bar
  • 135 lbs: 2 x hang, 2 x full
  • 150 lbs: 1 x hang, 1 x full
  • 185 lbs: 1 x hang, 1 x full
  • 205 lbs: 0 x hang, 1 x hang (PR!), 1 x full
  • 215 lbs: 0 x full (3 missed attempts)

Added a little to my hang clean PR.  Couldn’t PR the full clean.  I think it was more of a psychological block than physical.  For some reason, I started pulling with my arms instead of getting the hips into it.

5/3/1 lifts:

  • Deadlift: 355 x 1+: 4 (weight/rep PR)
  • Press: 137.5 x 1+: 3
  • Press 75lbs: 10, 10, 10, 10, 10

I’m pretty sure 355 x 4 on the deadlift is the most weight I’ve ever done for reps so I guess that counts as a PR.  Even better, I had to change the y-axis max on my Excel plot of estimated 1 RM because this exceeded my previously configured max of 400.  It’s always a good day when I have to change the y-axis max due to new territory

The press result was bad.  This cycle was a reset on the press and this entire cycle it has lagged behind the last time I did these exact same weights in December/January.  Next week, I am going to test my maxes on all lifts.  Unless something spectacular happens with the press, I think starting with the next cycle I will do a GSLP style linear progression for the press (and maybe bench).

RushFit Explosive Power Training DVD

This DVD was just awesome.  Lots of jumping around.  Basically burpees on acid.  I could feel my heart racing throughout and it just felt like these moves could really have some great transfer over to everything athletic that I do.  This is exactly what I wanted this DVD set for — some conditioning plus filling in some holes in my current program.

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