Fitness Log 2013-06-01: Overhead squat, front squat, push press, push jerk, tons o’ PRs!

Overhead Squat

  • 45 lbs x 5
  • 65 x 5
  • 75 x 5
  • 85 x 5
  • 95 x 3
  • 95 x 3
  • 95 x 3
  • 105 x 2
  • 115 x 2
  • 125 x  1 (PR!)
  • 130 x 0

Front Squat + Push Press + Push Jerk

  • 135 x 5/2/-
  • 145 x -/1/1
  • 155 x -/1/1
  • 165 x 5/1/1
  • 175 x -/1/0 (PR!)
  • 185 x 5/-/1 (PR!) + power clean (PR!)
  • 195 x -/-/0 + power clean (PR!)

Front Squat

  • 205 x 1
  • 215 x 1
  • 225 x 1
  • 235 x 1
  • 245 x 1 (PR!)

Today was an interesting day to say the least.  I woke up sore all over from all the work of the past week.  I was debating skipping today’s workout but decided to go in and do a quick session of some push jerks and front squats.  Somehow this turned into a two hour epic battle culminating in a total of four PRs.  Not bad!

I started off working up to an overhead squat max.  I’m not sure why I feel like I should be able to snatch 150 lbs if I can’t even over head squat 135.  Honestly, I don’t overhead squat that much because I really hate it but that’s exactly why I’m not very good at it.  In any case, as far as I know, 125 is a solid PR on the overhead squat with 115 being my previous PR.

Next, I moved on to a front squat + push press + push jerk sequence.  The idea here was to warm-up the front squat while working up to a max on the push press and push jerk hence the skipped front squats at some weights.  The first PR to fall was the push press.  According to my records, 135 was my max on this from a long long time ago.  The next PR to fall was the push jerk at 185.  I believe my old max was maybe 155.  In fact, I believe my old split jerk max was only 175 though I could be remembering wrong.  As a bonus PR, I dropped the bar on the last two weights and decided to power clean the bar to re-rack it resulting in a short lived PR of 185 topped soon by a 195 PR.  I believe my old power clean PR was 165.

Finally, I worked up to a 1 RM on the front squat.  The end result of this was a new PR at 245.  The nice thing about this is that I had tried 245 a couple of times over the past few weeks and failed on it.

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