2013-06-05 Fitness Log: TouchFit, Running


I liked GSP’s RushFit so much that I bough this TouchFit app too.  Today was my first session with it.  It is pretty cool!  The workout was fairly low intensity but it was workout #1 so I have a feeling the app will adapt over time.

  • TouchFit 9 min initial assessment.
  • TouchFit 20 min random workout.
  • Finisher:  40 lb/18 kg KB: 5 right swings, 5 right snatches, 5 right clean & press. Repeat left. Done. Only one round.


  • Location: Around neighborhood
  • Distance: 5k
  • Time: 36:42
  • Avg Pace: 11:58 min/mi (5.1 mph)

Pathetic time but that’s what I get for not running very often.  Can’t really say what the limitation was.  A little of everything.  I took a few walk breaks.

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