2013-06-07 Fitness Log: RushFit

RushFit Full Body Strength & Conditioning DVD

This was my 2nd workout with this DVD.  When I first tried it, I didn’t really have the right dumbbells to do it effectively.  This time, I had two 15 lb dumbbells so I was able to really put effort in.  Ultimately, I’m thinking this DVD set would probably be most effective with 10, 15 and 20 lb dumbbell sets but the 15s are working fine.

For the sake of trying to keep some track of progress, I tried to count reps.  This worked for the first two rounds but not the later rounds.

  • Round 1: 6 rounds
  • Round 2: 10 rounds (5 per arm)
  • Round 3, etc.: Haha, yeah right

Frequency Method

Just wanted to post an update on the frequency method since I’ve gotten lazy about posting numbers.  This is somewhat intentional because the point of frequency method is to do this stuff essentially at random throughout the day and I don’t want to be tied down to updating a blog constantly with what I’ve done.  In any case, I’m posting this update because yesterday I hit 20 reps at 30 lbs so today I’ve moved up to 35 lbs.  First set got 8 and will go from there.

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