Fitness Log 2013-06-10: Squat, Bench

Squat (Wendler 5/3/1 Cycle 7 Week 1)

  • 260 x 5+: 5

Bench (GSLP)

  • 170 x 5,5,5+: 11

260 on the squat is okay.  I should’ve gotten more but my heart feels like it is going to shoot out of my ears after 5 heavy squat reps.  I stopped at 3 on 260 a few weeks ago so it is better than tha tbut I’ve done 5 reps at heavy weights so it seems like 1 more should’ve been possible.  My hamstrings and ankles were sore so maybe I’ll blame that.

Today is the first day of my switch to a GSLP style linear progression for bench and press.  I should have done this three months ago.  Anyway, 11 reps is a good start.

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