Fitness Log 2013-06-17: Squat, Kettlebells

Squat (Wendler 5/3/1 Cycle 7 Week 2)

  • 45 x 5
  • 120 x 5
  • 155 x 5
  • 185 x 3
  • 215 x 3
  • 245 x 3
  • 275 x 6

Solid squat session.  I believe 275 x 6 is a rep PR.  It beats out 275 x 5 from April from 29 by 1 rep so that’s progress.  Felt like I could probably do more but form was starting to deteriorate.

RKC Program Minimum (Week 1 Monday)

  • 12 min of 20 swings + active rest
  • 16 kg / 1 pood
  • 7 x 20 + 11 (151 swings total)

First session of the RKC Program Minimum.  Did jump rope, one-arm deadlift/rows, spider man, mountain climbers, jogging, and push ups for active rest.  It was a fun workout!  Main issue was with grip giving out on the later swings and ankles not enjoying the jump rope.

Note on Diet

I don’t remember if I mentioned this before but I was experimenting with intermittent fasting the past couple of weeks.  I stopped the experiment as of today and consider it a failure.  Weight loss wasn’t anything exciting compared to my previous trend but mood, energy, etc. were abysmal.  This led to an epic cheat weekend this weekend with me weighing in today at higher than when I began the experiment.  Not cool.  Maybe the numbers are deceptive and it was really a ton of muscle gain combined with fat loss but I don’t think so.

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