Fitness Log 2013-06-26: Progress Report

Today is probably going to be a rest day.  We’ll see if I feel like running or something later.  The main point of this post is because I weighed in today at 199.8 lb and looking back at my records, this is the first time since 6/27/2012 that I’ve been under 200!

Last year around this time, I was in the process of doing Starting Strength and eating like a monster to keep up with it.  I went from about 195 to 213 during this (on purpose) and noticeably gained fat but also gained a lot of strength.  Since then, I’ve been letting the weight come off while continuing to improve my lifting numbers.

Here are highlights of some 1RM numbers from around 6/2012 to my most recent:

  • Deadlift: 340 lbs -> 400 (18%)
  • Press: 140 -> 160 (14%)
  • Clean: 175 -> 215 (23%)
  • Squat: 305 -> 330 (8%)

Not bad.  I’d be pretty happy to hit these same percentage increases a year from today.  The squats lagged but, honestly, I feel my 330 is much higher quality than the 305 from last year.  There were a lot of stabilizers that needed to catch up with my legs.

Beyond these highlights, pretty much all lifts improved somewhat.  Bench and snatch weren’t particularly exciting boosts but they did go up a few lbs.  I don’t have great 1RM records for things like front squat from last year but I’m pretty sure the increase on front squat was 10%+.

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