Fitness Log 2013-07-12: Bench Press, Press, Push Jerk


  • 45 x 15
  • 95 x 5
  • 135 x 4
  • 165 x 3
  • 182.5 x 5, 5, 9

This is the first 2nd day of my new 2-day a week benching experiment.  Decent result getting same reps with more weight.  I videoed the lifts and my form looks pretty decent compared to what I thought it would look like.  On video, it looks like I had a couple more reps in me.


  • 122.5 x 5, 5, 8

I don’t know what I was thinking with this.  This was an attempt to continue with the press linear progression in addition to the 2-day a week bench plan.  When I decided to bench two days a week, I also decided to put the press on the back burner and treat it as an assistance exercise rather than a full progression.  For whatever reason, I got the bright idea today to try to keep up with the progression to see what would happen.  Thankfully, my subconscious brain stepped in and attempted to alleviate some of the madness by having me put the same week on as last week instead of incrementing.  It wasn’t particularly comfortable getting these reps and I ended up one rep less than last week at the same weight.  I guess one rep isn’t too bad.  My arms feel fried at the moment and not necessarily in a good way.

NOTE TO SELF:  The goal is to increase bench.  Do NOT do press linear progressions immediately after benching.  Pressing after bench is fine but it should either be (a) ad-hoc low reps just to feel some heavy weight and/or (b) higher rep, lower weight volume work.

Push Jerk

  • 135 x 1 push jerk, 1 push press with epic fall over backwards (??), 1 push jerk

This was interesting.  The first rep came out fine but the second resulted in me losing control of the weight overhead and reeling backwards into the wall to avoid the weight crashing down.  Thankfully I got it on video so I can point and laugh at myself in the future.  Basically what happened was that the bar got too far behind me somehow.  I did another rep after that but decided it just wasn’t my day if I’m struggling with a mere 135 so I cut it short there.

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