Fitness Log 2013-07-20: Kettlebells, heavy bag, etc.

Kettlebells, heavy bag, etc.

  • 2 min heavy bag
  • 1 min 16 KG KB swings (50 two hand)
  • 1 min abs (straight-ups w/ 15 lb DB, situps)
  • 2 min heavy bag
  • 1 min KB swings (50 one hand in sets of 10 R/L)
  • 2 min rest
  • 2 min heavy bag (w/ deck squats and sprawls)
  • 1 min abs (leg raises, situps, bicycle crunches, etc.)
  • 1 min KB swings (30 – two hand I think?)
  • 2 min heavy bag (w/ deck squats and sprawls)
  • Finished with misc 15 lb DB moves.  Renegade rows, pushups, curls, uppercuts, etc..

This was just a misc. conditioning session.  I skipped my usual Saturday session of snatch/clean/jerk/front squat.  With the squat program and extra bench press work that I’ve been doing, I just felt too fatigued to take on a typical epic Saturday and decided to just do a relatively short conditioning session instead.

The times are all approximate.  I would set a timer, do some work, then take some time to reset the timer and transition to the next activity.

This was a fun workout!  I need to do stuff like this more often.

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