2013-08-1 Fitness Log: Squat, Clean, Deadlift (PR!)

Squat (Bas’ Barbell 6 Weeks To A Bigger Squat Week 4 Day 2)

  • Warmup: 45 x 5, 135 x 5, 180 x 2, 180 x 2, 210 x 2, 240 x 2
  • 270 x 6 x 2


  • 135 lbs x 1
  • 165 lbs x 1
  • 185 lbs x 1
  • 205 lbs x 1
  • 210 lbs x 1
  • 215 lbs x X
  • 220 lbs x X

I just wanted to get some cleans in so I did some singles.  I was happy to get up to 210.  My legs were jelly following the squats making it hard to stand up with the bar.  I kept the jumps relatively big because I figured I only had so much squatting strength left.  I probably should have done some clean pulls.


  • 255 lbs x 2
  • 305 x 2
  • 355 x 1
  • 375 x 1
  • 405 x 1 (PR!)

I really just wanted to take some heavy singles to keep the deadlift related grooves greased.  I never expected to pull a PR.  The 375 went up so easy that I figured I’d go for 405 and it went up slow but pretty easy as well.  Awesome progress!  I’m really proud of this one because even though I managed to hit 400 a few months ago, that was very very ugly.  This one was solid and with reasonable form.

My last deadlift session was two weeks ago.  I hit a single at 390 back then and now here’s 15 lbs over that with no work in between.  I guess there is some truth to what some people say with regards to the deadlift responding better to less frequent training.

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