Fitness Log 2013-08-12: Thrusters (PR), Rowing (PR!), Plank (PR!)


  • 45 lbs x 10
  • 95 x 10
  • 135 x 2
  • 165 x 1 (PR)
  • 185 x X
  • 155 x 1 push press
  • 155 x 1
  • 135 x 3

It has been a while since I toyed around in thruster land.  The 95×10 set pretty much felt like no effort.  The heavy thrusters were a challenge, mainly because they exposed various technical deficiencies.  Going heavy definitely helped to work out some kinks.  On the 135×2 set, I barely made the 2 and then the 135×3 was pretty much 3 relatively easy reps.

Neck Harness

  • 5 lbs x 20
  • 10 x 30
  • 20 x 40
  • 20 x 40
  • 20 x 40

Another oldie-but-goody that I haven’t messed around with in a while.  I was surprised that I didn’t seem to lose any neck strength despite not doing direct work for a long time.


  • 2000m: 7:51.6 (PR!)

Rowing PRs are always a good day!  Even better that I don’t think I even rowed at all since my last 2k rowing PR on 5/23 of 7.59.4.  An 8-second improvement in a couple of months without any work?  Can’t beat that!  I suspect that heavy squats and high rep kettlebell swings may have helped to bring this about.


  • High plank: 2:40 (PR!)

Randomly did a plank and ended up killing my previous PR of 2:00 from a few months ago — the last time I actually planked.  My recollection of the 2:00 was that it was a fight to get it.  This 2:40 was actually pretty easy.  Just as with the rowing PR, it is great hitting a new PR on something that I haven’t even worked directly on.  That tells me that my general programming is in good shape.

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