Fitness Log 2013-08-19: Squats, Good Mornings, Running

Squats (High Bar)

  • 45 lbs x 5
  • 135 x 5
  • 165 x 5
  • 185 x 5
  • 205 x 10
  • 185 x 10
  • 165 x 10

I decided to treat this as a deload week which in my mind somehow turned out to be 10 rep sets of light squats.  It felt good.  Got the blood flowing in the legs and was feeling like cardio on the reps over 5.  Ha!

I did these high bar.  I’m still not quite certain if I’m doing high bar correctly so maybe I should call it “higher bar” squats?  Pretty sure I couldn’t get much higher without squashing my neck.  All of these reps were super deep.

Good Mornings

  • 45 lbs x 5
  • 95 x 5
  • 115 x 5
  • 125 x 5
  • 135 x 5
  • 145 x 5

Running + Core

  • 450 m: 2:23, 3:10
  • Roman chair situps w/ 10 lbs: 10
  • Roman chair back extensions w/ 10 lbs: 10

This was a mess.  It turns at that all those squats and good mornings left my legs as mush.  That was kinda cool actually but then the RC work killed my core.  In any case, I don’t feel like I left much on the table by ending this working relatively short.

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