Fitness Log 2013-08-29: Clean, Squat, Deadlift


  • 135 lbs x 2
  • 155 x 2
  • 175 x 2
  • 195 x 1
  • 215 x 1
  • 220 x XX

Not bad.  It always feels good to hit a prior PR (215) particularly after not being consistent with the cleans recently (due to the squat program).

I may have talked about this before but it is interesting how with cleans I just hit a wall and then struggle to get beyond that while noticeably improving below that wall.  As an example, 215 was missed a number of times before I eventually got it up.  Then I would be able to inconsistently get 215 again up until now where 215 is fairly reliable.  It is like what Donny Shankle has said about tracking minimums in addition to maximums.  Maximums are what you hit on a good day.  Minimums are what you can reliably hit any day.

For me, I will hit a new maximum and then my minimum will slowly creep right up to it to the point where they eventually become the same.The wall that I hit is always the same.  Something happens with the extra few pounds that throws something off.  I am not sure if this is psychologically, physical or technical.  Perhaps some clean pulls after a clean session would be helpful for acclimating to the weight.

Squat (Intensity)

  • 135 x 5
  • 205 x 2
  • 255 x 1
  • 285 x 5

My first attempt at a 5 RM intensity day for squat.  The 5 RM concept is tricky to me.  If I make multiple attempts at the 5 RM with increasing weights, it becomes a volume day with ramping sets at some point with fatigue taking away from hitting an accurate 5 RM.


  • 135 x 5
  • 205 x 5
  • 255 x 3
  • 305 x 5
  • 355 x 1
  • 375 x X

Another one of those days where the deadlift just felt heavy.

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