Fitness Log 2013-09-12: Clean (PR!), Rack Pulls


  • 135 lbs x 1
  • 145 x 1
  • 155 x 1
  • 165 x 1
  • 175 x 1
  • 185 x 1
  • 195 x 1
  • 205 x 1
  • 220 x 1 (PR!)
  • 225 x XXXX

New PR!!!  If you’ve read any of my recent posts on the clean, you’ll know this was a long time coming.  I crept up slowly on the weight for no particular reason but it turned out to be a good strategy.  The weight felt easy at each increment to the point where I decided to jump direct from 205 to the PR attempt at 220.  The 220 likewise went up pretty easy.  I’m honestly surprised that the 225 didn’t go up as well.  I was getting my elbows around the bar but just not getting it solidly racked.

A big part of this PR was the realization earlier this week that I was launching from just above the knees rather than being patient for a better position.  These reps were with the bar a little further up the hips and that seemed to help a lot.

Rack Pulls (Above Knees)

  • Pin set at 24″ (3rd hole up)
  • 135 x 5
  • 205 x 5
  • 255 x 5
  • 305 x 5
  • 355 x 5
  • 405 x 3
  • 425 x 1 (held for a few seconds at top)
  • 445 x 1 (held)
  • 455 x 1 (held)
  • 455 x 1

This was an experiment with a new movement for me.  I mainly tried this out of curiosity.  With 405 being my current deadlift max, I was curious how high beyond that I could push the lockout and grip.  It was a pleasant surprise to hit 455 and I probably could have done more but that was the max weight I could fit on the bar with my current plates.  I held a few of the higher weight reps at the top for the sake of grip work.

The pin was a little high.  Maybe a couple inches above knees versus right at or above the knees.  The hole spacing on my rack is 3″ so going down a notch would have put the bar a little lower than the knees.  Next time I will try with the lower position or perhaps I could put down some boards to stand on to dial in a more exact position.

These were fun.  It’s a heck of a lot of fun to move so much weight even for such a short range of motion.

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