Fitness Log 2013-10-16: Press


  • Warmup: 45 lbs x 5, 65 x 5, 80 x 5, 95 x 3, 110 x 2, 125 x 1
  • 140 lbs: 5, 5, 5 (Rep PR, 5RM PR)
  • 150 x 1, 155 x 1, 162.5 x X, 162.5 x X

Decent day for the press.  The 140 felt heavy.  I’m still a little sore from Monday’s upperbody work so I suspect that was a factor.  The 140×5 beats out my old PR at 140 of 4 reps and also establishes a new 5RM for the press.  Not bad!

After doing the 3×5, I decided to hit a couple of heavy singles.  The 150 was heavy but the 155 felt oddly light so I decided to go for a PR attempt at 162.5 (old PR was 160) but couldn’t get it.

The first attempt at 162.5 was interesting.  I got it about halfway up with ease and then — BAM! — it hit the wall.  I fought this and held at this point for a surprisingly long time.  It was amazing that I could hold the bar up at such an awkward point but couldn’t actually move it up.  Oh well, next time!


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