Fitness Log 2013-10-25: Bench, etc.


  • 45 lbs x 5, 135 x 5, 150 x 5, 170 x 3, 190 x 2
  • 210 x 1, 230 x 1, 250 x 1, 260 x X

I decided to skip the 5RM attempt and go for a 1RM attempt.  For some odd reason, I barreled up to 250 without think that 255 was my prior max and that maybe I should approach that a little slower.  The 250 was harder than expected.  The 260 was close but I couldn’t lock it out.

Close Grip Bench

  • 140 x 5, 5, 15

Decided to switch over to a 3×5 linear progression on the close grip bench.

Incline DB Curls

  • 20 lb DB: 10, 10, 10
  • 1 min rest

This was an experiment with doing DB curls at an incline in order to provide a moment arm that is more appropriate for the muscle dynamics of the movement.  It seemed to work judging from the pump with a mere 20 lbs.

Lat Raises

Did some sets of 10 side and front raises with empty (~8 lb) DB handle.  I blame these for some brutal neck pain the last time I tried them so I am going to be really cautious easing these in.

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