Fitness Log 2013-10-29: Squat, Front Squat, Abs


  • 45 lbs x 5, 135 x 5, 165 x 5, 190 x 3
  • 215 x 5
  • 250 x 5
  • 280 x 5+ : 6 (6RM PR)

Front Squat

  • 135 x 5 (cleaned)
  • 185 x 3 (cleaned)
  • 205 x 2 (cleaned)
  • 230 x 3 (3RM PR)
  • 250 x 1

I thought I’d clean the earlier weights just to get in some extra clean practice.  While that might seem like a good idea, I have a hard time with keeping clean work from going epic so I ended up spending too much time and energy on tweaking technique and getting ready for the clean reps than for the front squats.  By the time I was done all that, the subsequent squats all felt heavy.  In any case, my legs certainly feel like they were well used.


  • Roman Chair Situps: 5, 5
  • Roman Chair Back Extensions: 5, 5

Took it easy with this to work them back in because the situps can give some brutal DOMs in the abs.

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