Fitness Log 2013-11-12: Squat (PR!)


  • 45 lbs x 5, 135 x 5, 165 x 5, 205 x 3
  • 250 x 5
  • 280 x 3
  • 315 x 1+ : 2 (2RM PR)
  • 335 x 1
  • 355 x 1 (1RM PR!)

Well well well.  This was somewhat unexpected.  I wanted to take some heavy singles after getting the 315 x 1+ set done.  I went in planning to cut the 315 short at 1 rep but felt good and got 2 reps establishing a 2RM.  Shortly after that, I managed to break into new territory with the squat hitting 355 lbs for a single.  My prior squat PR was on August 15 at 350 lbs.  That was after completing the Bas’ Barbell squat program and I honestly was not expecting to hit this PR given that I haven’t focused much on squat lately.  It was great not only to meet the prior PR but to exceed it.

So far, November has been PR month.  New 1RM PRs in press, deadlift and squat.  Not bad hitting new territory in three out of four of the Big Four lifts.  Here is a recap of some recent CrossFit Totals (squat 1RM + press 1RM + deadlift 1RM):

  • July 1: 860 (relatively poor performance on press and deadlift)
  • August 15: 900
  • November: 935 (theoretical — not done on same day but done over a few days)

Not bad.  This represents a solid increase in squat and shoring up of the press and deadlift since July.

The plan lately has been to do back squat, front squat, good mornings and abs on Tuesdays but I told myself before the 355 that I would call it a day if I got it and I did!

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