Fitness Log 2014-01-23: Clean, Deadlift


  • 135 x 3
  • 155 x 3
  • 175 x 1
  • 185 x 1
  • 195 x 1
  • 205 x X

Slight change of format.  Rather than doing singles all the way, I decided to do triples for the first couple of sets.


  • 205 x 3
  • 255 x 3
  • 305 x 2
  • 355 x 1
  • 375 x 1
  • 395 x X

Um, that did not go as expected.  Was aiming for 420.  Did not get close.


Today obviously didn’t go very well.  My excuses:

  • Cold garage, cold bar.  It is currently 17 degrees out.  Inside the garage, it was probably a bit colder than this given that it was about 5 degrees overnight and the garage tends to retain that due to not getting sunlight.
  • The “cutting” diet.  I could feel the hunger in the pit of my belly before I even started the workout.  I think I really need to have breakfast on training days.  Beyond this, “cutting” is going to naturally affect strength negatively so it is somewhat expected.  The question is how do I minimize the effect?
  • The running.  I’ve been running nearly every day lately.  My belief is that running a lot tends to cause the body to burn off muscle since extra muscle just weighs the body down for running.  I really don’t think I’m running THAT much but maybe it has some effect.  In any case, the regularly pounding of the legs probably isn’t helpful for lower body lifts.

Action plan:

  • Invest in a better heater for the garage.  I could probably get a decent heater that would really help with warming things up compared to my current heater.
  • Eat breakfast on training days.  I’ve been skipping breakfast because I’m really not hungry in the mornings.  On training days, I should start eating something like yogurt plus protein again.
  • Consider a smarter running plan OR stop running for now.  Can I come up with a running schedule that allows for progress with running without affecting lifts?
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